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Based off of an actual event that occurred during Nathan Vetterlein’s Left 4 Dead 2 stream from June 4th, 2014. He was playing a Versus match with stream viewers (though random players could also join in) and was still learning the Infected controls when a very rude individual started berating him and tried to vote kick him off his own stream. 
Nathan’s channel: (Chiliofdestiny on Twitch)
Stream this is based on: (L4D w/cutsey wootsie Krista <33333) (Skip to 2:54:10 for this scene)


Kay, streaming. We’ll see if my mic works okay. I’m gonna be drawing something from a certain musical.

No music this time. Just me talking.

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Ruby and Sapphire remake stream is up and running!

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First pic from my second stream.
I haven’t drawn Human Twoey in so long. Rather, drawn and finished. There’s so much about them people haven’t seen yet. Wah.
Maybe somedays I’ll have enough skill to properly portray what I have in mind.
Broken shoulders ftw.


Stream’s live! Come watch me draw!

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Werd and I are so sleepy. So sleepy in fact that I had to draw this.
Socks are the best way to avoid drawing toes.
Also no glasses cause I’m sleeping. No one wears glasses in their sleep.
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Second stream pic as requested by darkeiya.
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Piece from my first live stream.
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