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Puppet Master
This was something I drew on paper ages ago that was one of those drawings where I just couldn’t stop adding things. But it’s also been a wild ride making it. I hope you all enjoy it!
Full resolution (Warning, image is 2000x2249)
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Quick Flygon cuddles.
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Personal piece.
No shading because it’s 5 AM and I’m lazy.
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My entry for @NerdbotMk2’s #Twitterdex Project.
I always thought Stantler’s ability to create illusions with its antlers was really cool, and kind of creepy at the same time. It’s appearance isn’t really one you’d associate with being creepy, and I like that about it.
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Big Bad Mothers
I started watching Captain N and this is just something that had to be done. I’ve started coloring it but I’m not sure when it will be finished so here’s what I have done.
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A birthday gift for my dear friend, killedmycatatemytailor. She is infatuated with Crowley from Supernatural (and Mark Sheppard in general), and has a thing for men wearing heels. So I combined the two and present: A demon in Prada! I hope you like it, Stace. I love you, happy birthday!
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I decided to take part in CauseImDanJones’s Zelda collab.
As you can tell, I got Dodongos after losing Deku Babas by a second. (you know how I am about ferocious foliage) This was my original concept, which was to aim for more like a guide book, or a biology book. Later found out I only needed art of the creature by itself, and none of the fancy stuff around it. Whoops. But I’d like this to be on the web somewhere.
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This so-awful-it’s-amazing creation I found on a copy on The Little Shop of Horrors on DVD. I call it Onion Jr.
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Day 7: Favorite Fire-Type
Sorry it’s so late! I was busy today, then I kept getting distracted! @.@ But here it is, Day 7! If you know me, you should know that Typhlosion is hands down one of my all time favorite Pokemon along with Flygon. It just absolutely won me over using it in Silver, and I’ve loved it ever since.
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